Deb Frazin Photo—Neighborhood Brats

Deb Frazin Photo Column—Neighborhood Brats

Jun 06, 2021

After three years, Neighborhood Brats have finally released their much-anticipated new album Confines of Life on Dirt Cult Records. I just listened to it, and I can tell you it was absolutely worth the wait! Catchy punk rock all the way through—this slab of wax is solid.

Confines of Life really captures the frenzy and fire of their live performances. For the record: they are one of the toughest bands to shoot (right up there with Schizophonics). Jenny Angelillo reminds me so much of Alice Bag—she never stops moving! She’s an incredible performer, and I’m really looking forward to watching them play the new songs live. Nick Aguilar (Slaughterhouse/Assquatch/Mike Watt) plays drums for Neighborhood Brats, so you know this band kicks some serious ass.

Here it is—a new album to fall in love with this summer!

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