Deb Frazin Photo Column—Launcher

Dec 01, 2019

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Launcher has just released a new split EP with The Freakees, and it’s six minutes of frantic punk mayhem! I’ve listen to it about two hundred times (so far), and I plan on listening to it another one hundred times before I finally give it a rest.

Launcher features Dan Wityak (guitarist in Liposuction) on vocals, and one of my favorite L.A. musicians, Giuliano Scarfo (The Dils, PR Shake, The Katellas, Katatonic, et cetera) on drums. They’re a fun band, just like The Freakees. (Dan’s menacing voice is reminiscent of the singer of Pounded Clown.)

Check out their new split EP below, and get your ass to one of their shows ASAP!

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