Deb Frazin Photo, Kim Shattuck

Deb Frazin Photo Column—Kim Shattuck

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July 17 would have been Kim Shattuck’s fifty-seventh birthday. I still find it hard to believe that she’s not with us anymore. 1984 was the year I first saw Kim play with The Pandoras. I went bonkers over the It’s About Time album. I played it so much I’m surprised my roommate didn’t pack her bags and move out.

Shattuck was talented. Not only did she have a rockin’ voice, was a great songwriter, an engaging performer, and had a hilarious sense of humor, she was also a great photographer! Kim and I had deep conversations about photography. We often talked about our love of Robert Frank and Diane Arbus photographs, and had planned on going street shooting together. Sadly, she became ill and we never got the chance to do it.

She blessed us with one last album: The Coolies Uh Oh It’s …. The Coolies (recorded with longtime bandmate Melanie Vammen and Palmyra Delran). She continued to do what she loved doing the most up until the very end. Kim was so fucking cool. I miss her a lot.