Deb Frazin Photo Column—Katatonic

Nov 03, 2019

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I think Katatonic is the greatest punk band in L.A. right now. Take it from someone who has been a part of the L.A. punk scene from the very beginning, and has seen and heard it all—this band is the real deal.

Fronted by the very talented Nathalie Martin (vocals, guitar, and main songwriter), Katatonic sounds like The Bags and The Avengers crossed with a more frantic version of The Frumpies, and has the raw energy of any band that ever played at The Masque. This is old-school L.A. punk, and when I watch Nathalie, I’m reminded of how exciting it was to see Alice Bag perform in the early punk days. Lots of loud, crunchy guitar and wild punk rock screaming in this band. It’s fiercely delightful. I’ve been waiting a very long time for a band like this (and BTW: Alice Bag was at The Factory in DTLA this past Friday watching Katatonic’s set, and taking photos with Nathalie. Alice knows what’s up).

I laugh my ass off (and roll my eyes) when people say to me “the L.A. music scene is dead.” These are people who obviously don’t get out much. The underground L.A. music scene is very much alive, and bands like Katatonic keep the fire burning strong.

They’ve just released their first EP on blood-red vinyl, and it’s a real banger. The EP kicks ass hard from start to finish, and I highly suggest you grab a copy before it sells out (and it will).