Deb Frazin Photo—He Who Cannot Be Named

Deb Frazin Photo Column—He Who Cannot Be Named

May 09, 2021

He Who Cannot Be Named from The Dwarves is always fun to snap, as you can clearly see from this photograph!

I caught him at an intimate show at The Redwood Bar in DTLA in 2019. I was thrilled at the chance to photograph him in such a small space, and the man really delivered that night—he gave me more than enough eye candy to work with! It was a kick-ass show, too (as usual)!

That madman is just as wild today as he was the first time I saw The Dwarves (early ’90s at The Whisky). Those early Dwarves records were so fucking good, and they still sound great to this day. Click on the link below and listen to my all-time favorite Dwarves tune (crank it up REAL LOUD)!

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