Deb Frazin Photo Column—Fucked Up

Deb Frazin Photo Column—Fucked Up

Jul 11, 2021

This photo of Fucked Up was snapped at The Echo in Los Angeles in 2018. Canadian hardcore at its finest. It was an amazing show!

I’m a big fan of Canadian punk bands (Fucked Up, Career Suicide, Propagandhi, et cetera), and was stoked when a friend of mine offered to take me to see Fucked Up at The Echo at the very last minute (I mean like thirty minutes before they hit the stage). I ran home, grabbed my camera, picked him up, and raced down to The Echo.

They hit the stage just as we walked in. I had never seen Fucked Up before and they were even better than I’d expected. It was such a killer show. I haven’t stopped thinking about it for the past three years. The good news is Fucked Up is getting ready to go on tour (the “David Comes to Life” tour) in support of their new album Year of the Horse. Don’t miss ’em!

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