DEATHRAID: The Year the Earth Strikes Back: LP

Aug 16, 2017

Deathraid crush it every single time. They take the d-beat/Motörhead sound and make some slight adjustments here and there to make it their own: blazing guitars, rapid-fire drumming, and rumbling bass from the lower depths of hell, topped with dry, throaty vocals. The opening to “No Company” is epic fist-pumping material. The song itself is a mid-tempo lumbering giant that takes over the room when it comes on. “Toadeater” spins off at a torrential pace that eases up just slightly during the chorus. “I Am No One” is inspired by The Exorcist with lyrics taken from dialogue in the movie. This is a pretty solid listen the whole way through. I am of the opinion that their entire discography should be part of your life. –Matt Average (Agipunk, [email protected])