Sep 16, 2021

This Iowa City four-piece raises an eyebrow right away with the first song title— “Sex on the Beach.” Alright-now, we got a party! Things move along fine from there in a sort of Kepi Ghoulie/Steinways sort of vibe. Then I notice a theme creeping out of the deep lagoon of pop punk muck. “My Strange Addiction” is about eating cat hair? Then I take a second look at the cover art—the band is represented by pets in a truck. I know it’s all in jest, but then there’s a song called “Cat Envy,” so I really just have to put the brakes on right now. Finally, if you must cover a Tom Cochrane song, it is always going to be “Lunatic Fringe” and never “Life Is a Highway.” Where is the quality control, Bloated Kat? –Sean Koepenick (Bloated Kat,

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