DEATH BY A THOUSAND NOSTALGIC CUTS VOL. 1, $10, 8½” x 11”, 28 pgs.

Jul 20, 2022

The cult of Hickey lives on through the music and fucking great photozines like this one, a professionally printed, full-sized zine with images that jump off the pages with vibrancy and the ability to tell a story by only looking at a photo. I was lucky to see Hickey twice back in the day, the most memorable show beingin a blistering hot living room in Austin, Texas. It was one of those life-affirming DIY house shows that everyone who was there remembers and the photos included in this zine take me back to that show like it was yesterday! The shots included here were taken by photographer/roadie/driver Karoline Collins over three different tours and are collected in a way that is more than just a collection of photos, but instead a tale of a great band and their ridiculous travels. Essential for cult members and casual fans alike. Mark Twistworthy (Remote Outposts, PO Box 40786, SF, CA 94140,

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