DEAR ACABBY #1, $3, 3½” x 7½”, copied, 40 pgs.

Jan 21, 2022

In February 2021, Dear ACABby: a punk advice column made its debut in Razorcake, providing a space where Razorcake readers could have their concerns, major and minor, addressed by Minneapolis-based punks jimmy and bryan. For this first issue of zine Dear ACABby, jimmy and bryan culled from the first six months of content from this biweekly column and compiled it into a conveniently pocket-sized resource. And, actually, several of readers’ concerns and questions that jimmy and bryan answered are pretty major, dealing with issues ranging from roommate squabbles to emotional abuse to getting motivated when having depression. “We thought there would be more goofin’ around,” say jimmy and bryan in their intro to the zine. “It turns out people really wanted help with serious shit!” Help they received, in the way that only jimmy and bryan can. Here’s hoping for another six months (and another zine) of this punk advice column. –Gina Murrell (jimmy & bryan, [email protected])

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