DEAMON’S CHILD: Angstparade: CD

Jan 30, 2019

Deamon’s Child does so many things right on Angstparade, but I still found it hard to like them. This might be the only time where calling a band a cacophonous wall of noise is a negative. The mix made it sound like there was a wall of lead separating the band from the vocals. It was a shame, because Ana Muhi’s voice is badass. I might be biased though, because to my ears everything sounds cooler when you sing/scream it in German. There were a lot of shining moments on Angstparade that I enjoyed. The driving track “Kalte Hände” was a moment where the lead wall sound was not as pronounced. The clean guitars of the follow-up “Knochenmann,” also provide a respite, but when the bass kicks in, that becomes all you hear. I can’t knock this, but I also can’t give it a resounding endorsement. Is there a long German word for that? –Paul J. Comeau (Zygmatron)