Mar 10, 2023

Dealing With Damage’s debut album displayed an unabashed love of a multitude of Dischord artists and was a damn fine record indeed. Here, on Use the Daylight, those influences remain—most noticeably with the Fugazi-esque Instrument—but with much more added to the band’s sound, the result being a record which surpasses what came before. There are thirteen tracks bookended between “Sunrise” and “Sunset,” which open and close proceedings with a light, breezy approach at odds with the bulk of what’s in between. Here you find a good mix of straight-up melodic tracks, some short, sharp shockers and a handful of more intricately constructed songs, all helping to create a vibrant and varied musical landscape. This is a beautifully well-rounded collection of songs hitting the mark from start to finish. It’s not often I’m left a bit lost for words when reviewing a release, but Dealing With Damage has created something which I feel I’m falling short in terms of doing it justice. Just check it out yourself. –Rich Cocksedge (Little Rocket, / Rad Girlfriend,

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