Sep 23, 2016

First appearing on the European hardcore scene back in 1991, Croatia’s Deafness By Noise return with an album of the NYHC-inspired sound they have long been known for. The first thing which struck me about A Long Way Down was the nostalgia vibe. The band’s album art and imagery of World War Two warplanes and faux military uniforms has a ‘40s vibe to it, right down to the layout of the lyrics. There are numerous guest appearances on the album, including an appearance by Sick Of It All, who are also an obviously strong influence on the band’s overall sound. Of the guest appearances, Lord Willin’s rap on the intro to “All Systems Down” was my favorite. I’ve always appreciated the connected relationship between the underground music scenes of hardcore and hip hop, and it’s nice to see that connection is still alive. A Long Way Down is a solid outing by a band with a long history, but I wouldn’t go into this expecting to find anything groundbreaking. –Paul J. Comeau (Strength)

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