DEADAIRES: Self-titled: LP

Mar 22, 2017

Though their current running total of shows can probably still be counted on two hands, St. Augustine darlings Deadaires’ self-titled LP shows what a band can do with the combined power and wisdom of decades of punk experience. This record feels deeply Southern in the same slow-burn way of a thick drawl. It’s measured but deep, beginning with the heartbeat of the surprisingly ear-wormy post-punk “Constance Demario.” Deliberate with careful builds, the sparse dynamics and sardonic wit of lines like “tell me one more time how hard you work” are made especially tight through the continually impressive mixing work of J. Robbins. Seriously, I’d listen to anything that guy touches. And with Off With Their Heads’ Ryan Young attached through his label Anxious And Angry and the oft-incanted presence of Against Me!’s former bassist Andrew Seward, the lineage imprinted on this record makes it clear it’s not just a one-off fluke but careful, thoughtful work from people who know the game well enough to get it right. –Theresa W. (Anxious And Angry, [email protected],

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