DEAD MEADOW: The Nothing They Need: LP

Jul 25, 2018

Dead Meadow have traversed the world for twenty years wielding a unique and warbly style of psych/fuzz metal. The music is masterfully layered for a trio: heavy reverb with wavering distortion creates a hot wave allowing you to rock and stare at the sky at the same time. I know everyone has their pet bands, but it truly confounds me that this group doesn’t get talked about even a little more than they do considering how long they’ve been plugging away. If I had to guess, I’d say they might be a little too psych for the metal scene, a little too experimental for the retro scene, and a little too spacey for the rockers. It’s a shame this band falls through the cracks of the styles they celebrate so successfully. “Keep Your Head” starts the album with an ascending guitar and underwater vocals. The song layers into “Here with the Hawk,” a more standard ‘60s rocker that deconstructs into metallic blues picking that becomes “I’m So Glad.” The album continues on this wave of uncontrived ‘60s madness. They’re definitely not a singles band. I get that. It’s for album people. I hate people who preach bands at me as well, but I feel there’s a whole audience missing this. This album is for the firewatchers and people who have long drives to see Sleep. –Billups Allen (Xemu,