DEAD BARS: You Don’t Have to Be Cool Vol.1: CS

Jul 21, 2023

Seattle’s Dead Bars achieved cult-like status quickly, with fans referring to the Dead Bars Universe as they devour the frequent updates provided by Freakly Digest, the Dead Bars newsletter. I’ll be seeing Dead Bars for the sixth time this fall, and I can personally attest to Dead Bars being one of the most engaging live acts of our time. Their albums and singles are some of the finest pop punk releases of the current millennium, with lyrics brilliantly focusing on day-to-day banalities. You Don’t Have to Be Cool Vol. 1 is a mixtape for Dead Bars obsessives. It contains B-sides and demos from the band itself, as well as tracks from past projects of Dead Bars members, Dead Bars covers, and material from their friends/heroes. It’s a unique endeavor that more artists should consider. Dead Bars doesn’t need to manufacture a fan culture, as one already surrounds them. This nifty artifact showcases how much Dead Bars means to so many of us. Count me in as a member of their rabid fan base. –Art Ettinger (Dirt Cult,

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