Nov 27, 2018

I can’t speak for every local scene everywhere, but I’d hazard to guess that there’s probably a band who plays just about every show. For me, I’m super lucky that Dead Bars is that band. They’re just a group of dudes I literally never get sick of seeing. If you’ve never heard of them, then you’re super lucky too because you get to hear a bunch of great songs for the first time. You only get to do that once. Even though I’ve seen them plenty of times, I don’t remember ever hearing the first track (“I Will Be OK”), so that’s pretty tight to get a new song. And then they make me want to be a Guided By Voices fan with their cover of “Gold Star for Robot Boy.” It’s not that I don’t like GBV. It’s just that I don’t have time for every band and they have quite a deep catalog. Anyways, Dead Bars puts their signature snotty vocal treatment on the song and layers up the fuzz in their version. On the flipside is Lodi, Italy’s Red Car Burns. (How many Creedence jokes do you think they get being from Lodi?) These two tracks are my introduction to them and it’s reminiscent of early aughts emo when it was harmonies couched with introspection before it got to be whiny dudes in eyeliner. Not a mix I could have predicted, but they complement each other well. Four more catchy tunes exist in the world now. Rejoice! –Kayla Greet (No Reason)