DAYS N DAZE: Show Me the Blueprints: CD

I’m drawn to folk punk because it’s verbose and as a lyrics listener that’s like having a Double Stuf Oreo. An Oreo is good, but double filling is better. The best folk punk is introspective, fatalistic storytelling about dealing with traumas, existential crises, injustice, and mental health. So if that sounds like your kinda cookie, Show Me the Blueprints will give you that with extra deliciously self-reflective and cynical creamy center. Self-described as “thrashgrass,” the sound is fast paced, complemented by dueling vocals and trumpets alongside the acoustic folk instruments you’d expect, but the speed and urgency gives the sound a harsh ferocity, a force building and pressing forward like a violent thunderstorm of banjos and mandolins and washboards and screaming. Too often folk punk is written off as a niche genre. With this record, I see Fat Wreck Chords challenging that and Days n Daze have shown themselves to be more than up to the task. Each song on this record deserves its own deep dive close reading of metaphors, alliterations, and clever wordplay. One play through is not enough to catch all the nuance and rich complexity they have crafted. –Lorien Lamarr (Fat Wreck Chords,