DAYGLOW ABORTIONS: Wake Up, It’s Time to Die: 7”

Feb 06, 2020

This time Supreme Echo sets his sights not on a forgotten band, but rather a forgotten recording from one of our shared city (Victoria BC)’s most legendary bands. Dayglow Abortions (in case you are wondering, the “w” is included in their name on this release as it was recorded before they dropped it). Seven demo songs recorded in 1982. Some of these tracks ended up being re-recorded for the Feed Us a Fetus album, and for some these are the only versions. The recording is really raw, but that energy and deep satire that they’re known for come through clearly. As with all of the Supreme Echo archival releases, the packaging is beautiful, and there is a great booklet that features an in-depth discussion with Murray “The Cretin” Acton on each song on the record and the early history of the band. Love them or hate them, there is no denying the impact that DGA has had on Canadian punk rock. “Argh, Fuck, Kill,” indeed! –Ty Stranglehold (Supreme Echo, )