DAYGLO ABORTIONS: Armageddon Survival Guide: LP

Aug 25, 2016

Feel like I have to provide a caveat here: Outside of one atrocious album I heard in the mid-’90s, I haven’t heard a damned thing by these cats since 1985 or so. That said, the last time they made any impact on my eardrums, they were an ultra-obnoxious to the point of being amusing punk band with the type of lyrical content that would have most parents quietly giggling to themselves whilst beating the shit outta you for listening to such “filth.” Their Feed Us a Fetus album garnered a lot of airplay in my “teenage angst” years, and my copy still gets an airing whenever I wanna see people wince and get uncomfortable. This Dayglo Abortions is a different beast, and rightly so, considering some thirty years has passed since last we danced together. Musically, this is pretty good—zippier tempos, considerably more metal in the guitars—but you can hear the natural progression. Lyrically, they’ve traded in wanton obnoxiousness for a bit more paranoia, anger, and quasi-political ire, largely airing out grievances and things that piss Cretin off—social media, Obama, the Left purportedly taking our rights away, lies, bullshit, and so on. Fans will no doubt dig it, which I’m guessing is all they pretty much care about in the end, anyway. More power to ‘em. –Jimmy Alvarado (Unrest,