DAY MAN LOST, THE, $?, 5½” x 8½”, full color printed, 27 pgs.

Mar 10, 2023

An exploration of the apocalypse by way of conversations, original stories, and art. The opening conversation in this zine covers two perspectives (albeit similar) of the destruction and mayhem we as humans have done to this earth—how soon, what manner, and who will survive the apocalypse that’s coming. Both parties agree the earth will survive, but an end to humankind is coming. We just aren’t sure what will be the catalyst. After this cheery talk, there are apocalyptic Conan/Mad Max-style stories from a few different contributors, very visually striking in their portrayal of the future downfall of this planet (one story places the time as 2049, so not that far off from now). A difficult but realistic read (in some parts), if you’re aware of any news or climate-related topics today. –Tricia Ramos (The Day Man Lost,

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