DAVID QUINTON: Overlook Road: LP

Dec 06, 2019

DQ was a Toronto OG, having manned the drum throne for the Mods back in the day, and wound up in the clutches of Stiv Bators during the be-cratered one’s fondly-remembered power pop period on Bomp (e.g., Disconnected). Since that album (as part of the The Lord and the New Creatures compilation) was the first album I ever got stoned and listened to at my own place after moving out of my dad’s house, I kinda think anyone associated with that music can do no wrong: Ergo, David Quinton is the man! Apparently, he recorded and released one solo album in his native Canada in the early ’80s; I’m a little surprised I didn’t know that, but, then again, it took me about thirty years to figure out that Stiv’s guitarist was in Blue Ash and that I should go find that record, so bear with me. Overlook Road consists of alternate takes of songs from the 1981 solo album, tunes recorded for a shelved second album, and various odds and ends. It’s quite respectable early ’80s power pop (with the exception of a pair of piano ballads I could’ve kinda done without), not at all unlike the more “normal” stuff in Stiv’s Bomp catalogue (in point of fact, “Make Up Your Mind” was in Stiv’s Bomp catalogue). In a perfect world, of course, it would be Stiv singing these songs, but, then again, in a perfect world I’d be nineteen years old again and smoking weed in my shitty apartment on Webster Avenue, so one takes what the market will bear these days. I dug it. BEST SONG: “Scene of the Crime.” BEST SONG TITLE: “The Breakaway.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Album has one blue label and one green label. –Rev. Nørb (Secret Mission)