May 31, 2017

Having “HOLY SHIT” in six-inch lettering on the cover of your LP will stop and gather attention. But there’s always the chance that it could just be a diversionary tactic away from sub-par tunes trapped in the grooves. Luckily, Davey Dynamite has had three solo releases to hone his craft before unleashing this fourth LP (first featuring a full band), full of fleshed-out storytelling and rock-solid tunes to back it up. Lyrics and a voice straddling a line between Craig Finn (The Hold Steady) or Josh Caterer (The Smoking Popes), a heart screaming lyrics with a Bloomington bent, and a band following him, able to rock reflectively and yet unafraid to unleash their inner-Brokedowns. Recommended Chi-town punk. –Matt Seward (Don’t Panic, dontpancitsadistro.bandcamp.com)