DATA CONTROL: It Was Nothing: LP

Sep 26, 2019

Been a minute since I last heard anything from these cats and, from the tunes here, it sounds like they’ve been doing a bit of what used to be called “maturing” in their sound. Echoes of post-punk are married to some ’60s psych pop, yet they lose none of the punk heft they’ve wielded so effectively on previous releases. Zinging basslines, the occasional dark, drone-infused musical passage, and jangling guitars abound, hitting multiple touch points of the underground simultaneously. Gotta admit I didn’t expect them to take this road when I put the needle to the wax, but I’m glad they did ’cause they fuggin’ nail it throughout and come out the other end with one helluva release under their belt. –Jimmy Alvarado (Den Magiska Cirkeln)