DAS DAS: Self-titled: CS

Mar 17, 2021

I love Neue Deutsche Welle. I love art punk. Das Das is a blend of both, a mixture of German post-punk with a heavy dose of synth and a garagey avant-garde. At times spooky but still bouncy and fun, like a haunted house that’s also a party. Particularly the vocals in “Last Desire,” which are echoed like a ghost—a ghost who wants me to leatherbelt them to the rhythm of the deep bass dance beat. It’s giving me nostalgia for my college years taking the ICE train to Berlin on the weekends. I can imagine myself shouting lyrics along with them “Ich bin leer, genau so leer wie du (I am empty, just as empty as you)” in a dark club in Kreuzberg. The vocals also remind me of a Crass-era Eve Libertine with the unconventional tonal playfulness. The whole album is a cyberpunk dance party that’s enticing in a way that feels dangerous, which of course, just makes it extra cool. –Lorien Lamarr (Phantom, phantomrecords.bandcamp.com)