DARYL GUSSIN: Stretch Out the Spark: CS and zine

Sep 22, 2022

Our very own Daryl Gussin has produced this zine with accompanying cassette of his music. The first half of the zine is lyrics to the songs on the tape. The second half of the zine is comprised of editorials and columns from Razorcake that Daryl wrote over the past few years. Upon re-reading the columns, I’d forgotten how much I appreciate his earnestness and the mix of head and heart in his writing. The musical aspect of things is mellow and lo-fi. Side A is simply Daryl’s voice and acoustic guitar with songs ranging from somber to energetic, but in a Songs: Ohia meets folk punk vibe. Side B is ambient music to listen to while you read the columns from the second half of the zine. I love the idea for this release and while my preference was for the ambient music and Daryl’s columns, the whole thing is worth checking out. –Kurt Morris (darylhq.bigcartel.com)

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