DARLING FIRE, THE: Distortions: LP

Nov 15, 2022

This is the second album from this Florida band that features members of Shai Hulud, Further Seems Forever, As Friends Rust, and Strongarm. It’s got chugging Deftones-styled guitars with a melodic sound more akin to something from Hum or even My Bloody Valentine. Despite the heavy nature of the members’ prior bands, this is much mellower. Jolie Lindholm’s (formerly of Rocking Horse Winner) vocals remind me of another Florida singer, Harold Hasselback from the ’90s emo band Hankshaw. It’s a very particular tenor that straddles the line between stereotypical male and female vocals—mesmerizing and soothing. Well-polished production from Jay Maas really captures the band’s post-hardcore sound. While I’ll admit this wasn’t entirely my thing, it’s well done and if any of the band names dropped are up your alley, Distortions is certainly worth checking out. –Kurt Morris (Iodine, iodinerecords.com)

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