May 15, 2023

You might be thinking the perfect pop punk record doesn’t exist. But have you listened to Dark Thought’s At Work? The vocals are just the right amount of nasally. The drumming is fast when it needs to be and bouncy throughout the whole record. Each instrument has incredible precision to make an album full of high-octane, toe-tapping tracks you can’t help but dance to. The songs are so powerful and succinct that just as you’re getting into a groove with one, you’re suddenly in a transition to the next. Several of the tracks clock in at just under ninety seconds. While much of the record is “blink and you’ll miss it” fast, they do slow things down here and there. The song “With You” is practically a power pop ballad compared to the others. Dark Thoughts are a three piece from Philadelphia who take the best parts of Ramones and Mean Jeans, twisting it into something totally new. I don’t know how anyone could resist dancing to each one of their songs. When I finally got to see them live, all of the magic and intensity of the records came through strongly. For anyone who likes to shake their hips and bop their head to catchy-as-fuck tunes, this band is for you. I personally really love the song “Anything II” because of the ethereal, dream-like synth opening that launches right into the fastest downstrokes and drums. Two minutes never went by so quickly. Just go ahead and put this one on repeat. –Kayla Greet (Stupid Bag / Drunken Sailor)

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