DARK/LIGHT: Kill Some Time: LP

Nov 22, 2017

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what happens inside people’s heads when their hometown where they developed as a human changes to something else. Specifically about gang members in the streets of Los Angeles. What happens when the streets that were once rough as hell, now house dog salons and “mixologists.” What happens when the town that you identify with no longer becomes identifiable? Like most major U.S. cities, Portland, Ore. has seen a similar transformation towards bougie, pretentious bullshit, but what has happened inside the heads of the punks who have been there for decades? How does one explain the cognitive dissonance experienced when you step outside to an unregulated, yuppie paradise, but “Doom Town” is still what’s playing in your head? Evidently you record an album like Kill Some Time. It’s dark and looming, pissed-the-fuck-off, howling at the moon like a maniac. Carrying on the spirit of nonconforming, anti-social pillars of PDX punk like Sado-Nation and The Rats. It’s visceral and cathartic. Back home in L.A., the intersection that inspired “Holly-west Crisis” may be a Petsmart now, but we didn’t go anywhere. Dark/Light understands, “I need to stop this bus / I need to get off this train / I wanna break up with today.” –Daryl (Dirt Cult)