DARK BLUE: Red, White, and Dark Blue: LP

Jan 18, 2017

Philly represent: members of Paint It Black, Bomb Builder, and the Loved Ones sounding nothing like any of those bands. We’re treated to some ingenious ‘80s Brit pop, goth, and shoegaze worship by way of Bauhaus, Jesus And Mary Chain, and My Bloody Valentine. Sometimes dreary, mostly mid-paced, but always interesting: the drums command as much attention as the intricate and mesmerizing strumming/noisy guitar parts. The vocals are that of a subdued but still powerful Nick Cave howling away his miseries. Oddly enough, this might appeal to fans of Cold Cave but, for my tastes, this is what I personally hoped a band like Cold Cave actually sounded like. A singles collection LP for those keeping score, but could have just as much worked out as a full length. Trust and buy. –Juan Espinosa (Adagio 830, adagio830.de)