DARK BLUE: “Fight to Love” b/w “For You”: 7”

Jul 25, 2018

“DON’T LET THE SCUM CATCH YOU CRYING,” proclaims the back cover of Dark Blue’s latest 7”. This statement raises a few questions. Who are the “scum,” why am I crying, and what will happen if they do catch me? Don’t expect any answers on this two-song 7”. Side A’s “Fight to Love” is a Brit pop ballad with shimmering guitars and syrupy baritone vocals delivered by crooner John Sharkey III. Sharkey is supported by stalwarts Andrew Nelson (Ceremony, Paint It Black) and Michael Sneeringer (Puerto Rico Flowers). Side B boasts a six-minute rendition of Anti-Nowhere League’s “For You.” It overstays its welcome to say the least. Unlike previous Dark Blue releases that cherry picked a range of stimulating sounds from Slowdive and The Jesus And Mary Chain, the mid-tempo pace and languid vocals of this 7” made me nod off rather than nod my head. It must be said, however, that Jeff Zeigler’s production is warm and comforting, like a blanket made of sound. –Sean Arenas (12XU, 12xu.bigcartel.com)