DANNY BURK & THE INVADERS: “A'int Going Nowhere” b/w “'Til I'm Sure”: 7"

Aug 16, 2017

This 7” repress could be at the centerpiece of the storyline on some strange mash-up of Back to the Future and That Thing You Do. Wrapped in a nondescript kraft paper, the record looks identical to the original 45 put out by the Memphis-based band in 1966 except for the CPR at the top instead of ARA (the original label). It’s got some classic ‘60s elements, especially the blend of surf and British Invasion. It reminds me of The Animals, and I like The Animals, but the coolest thing about this release is the fact that this small label is keeping alive something catchy and memorable from an era whose relics are still expressed in Beatles-heavy nostalgia without needing to reinvent it or massage it into the future. –Theresa W. (Certified PR, certifiedprrecords.com)