DANGÜS TARKÜS: Rock N’ Roll for the People: LP

May 31, 2017

Dangüs Tarküs is the brainchild of one half of the excellent pop punk miscreants the Muff Divers and whose previous release—the stellar synth-punk Binky Boy 7”—was an unexpected new wave treat to my ears. Rock N’ Roll for the People is a basement punk rock album which would certainly appeal to fans of Nobunny, the Spits, and the Goner records-style punk spectrum of bands, but is also stylistically a far cry from the previously mentioned Binky Boy record. It’s got plenty of rock’n’roll hooks and lo-fi punk accessibility to satiate the needs of most new wave/punk mutant types. While it is a valiant effort of an album, it just wasn’t the swimming pool of new wave tomfoolery I was preparing to immerse myself in. –Juan Espinosa (Dig!)