DANGEROUS CHAIRS: Introducing Dangerous Chairs: CD

Jul 20, 2022

THE ARRIVALS! There, now that I got your attention, Dangerous Chairs is a band from Chicago fronted by the illustrious madman known throughout the lands as Little Dave Merriman who you may remember as one of the vocalists/guitarists for The Arrivals. Dangerous Chairs’ sound is endlessly hard to describe, which if I’m doing my math right, means it’s pretty damn good. With the exception of one chorus sounding like “Death Valley Nights” by the Blue Öyster Cult, these songs just sound headscratchingly original and unlike anything else I can think of, while still being epically addictive and tailor-made for repeat listens. On The Arrival’s Volatile Molotov, there are these two tracks that Dave sings: “Pull down the Willows” and “The Power Won’t Be Staying on for Long.” In my mind, this album is the offshoot of those two songs. A tangent into the pleasantly unconventional. Rock songs through and through, but beautiful and weird. Working class experimental dad rock. And if that last sentence gets me kicked out of punk, it was worth it. Fellow Arrivals fanatics, take heed! –Daryl (Self-released)

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