DANGER!MAN: Weapons of Mass Distraction: LP

Dec 06, 2019

This is an excellent album although I didn’t think so at first. The first few listens did little for me, but as time went on I started noticing different elements of songs that began to grab my attention. These included some catchy melodies, the occasional mixed female/male vocal attack—the female vocals are provided by members of Lucky Malice—and a rough, edgy sound. Once my concentration was fully focused, it became apparent this Norwegian outfit was outdoing everything I had previously heard by it. There is not one clunker on this record, as each song is able to stand out from the others. It’s like each one is vying to be the best track and each one has its own strong, and legitimate, case to make. –Rich Cocksedge (Boss Tuneage, [email protected], bosstuneage.bigcartel.com)