DANGER!MAN: Weapons of Mass Distraction: CD

Dec 06, 2019

Composed of Norwegian punk veterans, Danger!Man have several decades of musical experience between them. Their first release since a 2016 split LP with Lucky Malice, Weapons of Mass-Distraction features nine new tracks. While I could appreciate their brand of melodic punk with a lot of harmonizing singalongs and a strong dose of working class politics, I could not get into this even after repeated listens. Note that this CD is only available as a bonus with the purchase of the LP. With so many bands sending in records with beautiful artwork and extras in the packaging, it honestly irked me to receive a CD in a blank plastic sleeve with nothing in the way of artwork or lyrics/liner notes. While this might sound like a trivial thing to have shape my opinion of Weapons of Mass Distraction, their music did little to distinguish this album from the dozens of other records I regularly review. –Paul J. Comeau (Boss Tuneage, bosstuneage.com, [email protected])