Dec 03, 2020

We’ve got some wonderful, swingin’ rock’n’roll from Montreal here. Plenty of New York Dolls influence, but I suspect there’s a grip of other more obscure, similarly styled ’70s rock’n’roll groups lending inspiration to this throwback slab o’ wax. Catchy songs, lots of piano, warm production, and even a little saxophone (which shockingly didn’t make me want to frisbee this thing into the street like nearly every other record ever with sax usage). If anything, it’s almost too well done and not wild enough. I’d love to hear the singer let loose and the guitarist go a little off the rails. Minor complaints though. Play this record loud if you dig Giuda, Diamond Dogs, Thunders, Joneses, Bowie, Faces, et al. –Chad Williams (Alien Snatch!, aliensnatch.com)