DANA: Self-titled: LP

Mar 20, 2018

If you were abducted by underwater aliens while swimming in the deep end at a punk pool party, you would likely hear something like DANA. Wailing, Karen O-like vocals and warbly space noises weave through thick, muffled distortion to create what the Columbus, Ohio band calls “avant-garage” or “protopunk.” It’s definitely creative, and the band’s experiments with the wah pedal are impressive, but I find the sound’s erratic nature and the indecipherable subject matter to be difficult to grasp. In other words, I don’t get it. I do, however, like the album cover, which features a demonized, mechanized Wendy of the fast food chain founded in the band’s hometown. –Michelle Kirk (Heel Turn, [email protected], heelturnrecords.com)