DANA: Glowing Auras & Black Money: LP

Dec 06, 2019

Weirdo punk rockers, take notice. DANA’s apocalyptic second record is here. With a facade of wild, noisy punk rock enveloped by dystopian sci-fi soundscapes, DANA lures you into their world. Once you’ve accepted your new existence in that world, you are free to discover the protest punk communications contained within: a warning to humanity, a peek into our all-but-certain grim future, and an exploration of the internal feelings that all of this insanity thrusts onto our personal lives and collective psyches. The only real sonic reference point I can conjure for DANA is a mid-’90s Santa Barbara band called Crack (highly recommended, if you can locate it). Alternatively, DANA sounds sort of like early L.A. weirdo punk meets Devo, playing through Sonic Youth’s gear? Doesn’t really matter; it’s good and strongly recommended. –Chad Williams (Heel Turn, heelturnrecords.com)