DANA ALBERTS: Nick of Time: 7” EP

Jul 20, 2021

Full disclosure: I’ve never bought an issue of Thrasher in my life, the words Skate Rock Vol. 1 mean nothing to me, and I have no idea who Minus One or Dana Alberts are. As these four songs are apparently acoustic remakes of old Minus One skate rock songs, I feel I may not be the best qualified to provide expert analysis on the matter. However, as a rank outsider, I found this record to be reasonably enjoyable on its own merits—kinda like a skatey version of the second Bad Religion album minus the drums and keyboards and amplifiers and so forth. Also, after doing a little research, I came to the conclusion that “The Kids Don’t Skate Here” really is a good song, so it appears that since I spent my entire life being minus Minus One, mathematically I must be a zero? This is a pretty heavy revelation for an acoustic record to deliver. BEST SONG & TITLE: As noted, “The Kids Don’t Skate Here.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: My Danelectro 12-string is cooler than Dana Alberts’ Danelectro 12-string because mine is purple sparkle and his is merely white. –Rev. Nørb (Not Like You, notlikeyourecords.com)