DAN WEBB AND THE SPIDERS: Now It Can Be Told, Vol. 2: CD

Sep 26, 2019

Damn, guys. The second collection from this group gathers the material from their incredible split LP with Bundles, a split 7” with Modern Saints, and a bunch of other unreleased and comp stuff from 2015-2017. I don’t know what it is, maybe because they don’t tour much, but this band is like the absolute poster child of the term “criminally underrated.” They’ve put out five albums and a bunch of 7”s over a decade, and still remain relatively unknown in the States, which really sucks, because they’re a fantastic band. Moving, precise, heartfelt, while still laid-back and discernable. They’ve got garage leanings but aren’t frantic. Melodies abound, but the songs aren’t cloying. Just a terrific, catchy band that writes songs about having a black cloud floating over your head. Glad this was released. –Keith Rosson (Gunner USA, [email protected], gunnerrecordsusa.com)