Feb 06, 2020

I’m not familiar with Dan Melchior’s previous work. I don’t know where he’s coming from but the songs are righteous at a mid-tempo pace. Ruins begins with “Black Hat,” a song featuring a bass line framing arbitrary drag and improvisational post-punk poetry vocalizing similar to Flipper. They are more organized and have a slightly more roots-influenced sound than Flipper, but the pace and approach strike me as similar. Simple and slow can be hard to do. These songs have the sloppy, almost-off-the rails punkness without the speed. “Dirty Deal Blues” is among the faster songs on the album, moving at the chugging blues pace of early Fat Possum bluesmen. “Plz Luv Yrself” adds droning keyboard to a slower paced song that develops a bit of lo-fi psychedelia. The chorus of “Hey Ya” devolves into catchy, nonsensical scatting. It’s an enjoyable listen. I don’t know what to expect next and I like that. I’m sure if you’re a fan, you’ll dig it too. –Billups Allen (Heel Turn, heelturnrecords.com)