DAMNED, THE: Darkadelic: LP

Jul 21, 2023

As we hurtle towards a full half century of The Damned it’s important to note that, above everything, it’s almost unbelievable that not only are they continuing to create music, but they keep bringing the quality. While reviews were mixed on their last studio outing (2018’s Evil Spirits, which I enjoyed), Darkadelic is truly stepping up the game. The guitars are front and center with Dave Vanian’s inimitable vocals forming the gothic psychedelia sound we all know and expect from The Damned. It was also nice to hear Captain Sensible taking lead vocal duties on “Bad Weather Girl.” When you start talking in terms of longevity, the comparisons start to thin out a bit. By the time a band like the Rolling Stones were in their forty-seventh year they were fully phoning it in (on record anyway). The Damned seem not only to actually be the ageless vampires they’ve portrayed for all these years, but they continue to develop and hone their sound while still showcasing the elements that made them great from the beginning. I’d say this is my favorite Damned album since Strawberries. –Ty Stranglehold (Ear Music, ear-music.net)

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