DALLAS McLAUGHLIN: I Didn’t Start the Fire (and Other Lies): CD

Jul 21, 2023

I can’t say I was expecting a comedy record to appear in my stack, but it turned out to be refreshing, like using Irish Spring in the shower. Dallas is a comedian based out of the San Diego area, so there are bits about him being a DJ on a station there. He also talks about a TV show that almost made it onto a local sports network that would’ve made sports shows “less boring.” Quite a feat if it had happened. The other funny bit is about a run-in with Steve Martin when he was at a Norm MacDonald show. I’m not sure if this means that comedy records are gearing up for a comeback. When the vinyl reissue of Rappin’ Rodney comes in the mail I’ll believe it. Until then, check this out. He worked on Yo Gabba Gabba! too, so props for that gig. –Sean Koepenick (Self-released, dallasmclaughlin.com)

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