Sep 23, 2016

First of all, this band rocks just fine. It’s fuzzed-out punk’n’roll with big, catchy choruses. At times, it sounds more like they’ve listened to the bands that listened to all the cool bands from the ‘70s, rather than actually listened to all those ‘70s bands themselves. No big deal, I guess. But this band is called the Dahmers. They have songs about serial killers and slasher movies. In fact, their video for the first song on this album, “Stalker,” is a pitch perfect homage to low budget ‘80s slasher flicks. The tone of this stuff rarely matches the mood the lyrics should be evoking, though. It’s a weird juxtaposition, all these murder lyrics in these fist-pumping anthems. Part of me wonders, where’s the spooky at, ghoulfriends? But then the rest of me is just like, “Shut up and dance.” –MP Johnson (Lövely, LLYrecords.com / thedahmers.bandcamp.com)

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