Youth crew is the music that happens when pop punk and hardcore intersect, right? Do you have to be super posi, from the late ‘80s, and straight edge? I don’t know if Daggermouth abstains from substances, though the substance of their lyrics is super bro-y, loyal, and tough. They’re inspired by 7 Seconds, but hang out more with Comeback Kid instead of the Youth Of Today. It’s singsong-y, gang vocals with heavy snare and pretty similar guitar hooks throughout. Honestly, I had never spent much time listening to this Canadian four piece, but I knew the name had been around for a while. When I put this record on, I was surprised to discover how young of a band they still sounded. And then I found out this was a ten year anniversary reissue. Whoops! Well, all your favorite songs about community and family are presented here in all their tough guy glory. As far as I can tell, there are no additions nor subtractions from this version besides the fact that the vinyl is a picture disc, which is pretty cool. However, when selecting images for a picture disc, why is it so often the front and back of the record sleeve? We already have that as a rectangle. I don’t think we need it as a circle too! Fun fact: one of these guys is a professional wrestler now. I think I’m more interested in that than his band. –Kayla Greet (Little Rocket)