DADDY’S BOY: Great News!: LP

Jan 27, 2023

This is one of those albums that hits the mark from the moment the speakers start to unleash the magic held within the grooves of the vinyl. I love the way the music has a sort of freeform jazz style to it, which busies itself, heading in a variety of directions. It’s not quite Minutemen or Rhythm Pigs but it has many similarities to the approach of those bands. The guitar slashes and slices through the din the rhythm section works overtime to provide in order to create an impressive cacophony. The three musicians might be on the same page, but that page gets crumpled up and re-opened frequently as the album progresses, ensuring that it always sounds invigoratingly fresh. On top of this comes Jes Skolnik’s vocals which are spoken/shouted with a palpable sense of anger and frustration. Another winner from Drunken Sailor. –Rich Cocksedge (Drunken Sailor, [email protected],

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