D.O.A.: Fight Back: CD

Sep 26, 2018

It’s hard to believe that the band is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year, but this album proves there is no rust in the carburetor. Life is still hard and D.O.A. is here to tell you why: bad cops, bad beer, and how the road is as tough as a hockey game. Joe Keithley is again backed up by the able-bodied rhythm section of Paddy and Corkscrew. This muscle holds all the songs together like Gorilla Glue. Probably my favorite song out of all the solid ones here is “The World’s Been Turned Upside Down”: “Compassion and love are hard to find / the fascists are back—have we gone blind / it’s a struggle to, to stay strong / but it’s always darkest before the dawn.” Buy this and join the fight.–Sean Koepenick (Sudden Death, [email protected])