D (N) R / O (N) R (2019 re-issue), $2, 5½” x 8½”, 14 pgs.

Sep 27, 2019

Aisling Fae states at the beginning of the zine that there is more and more transgender literature written by trans people in English, but not so much in Spanish. That’s why she prints all of her stories in English and Spanish. This short story is written from the perspective of a woman who was just brought into the hospital emergency department after a brutal car accident. She can’t speak or move, so we read her inner dialogue about what she thinks, sees, and hears from the hospital bed. She overhears the hospital staff misinterpreting one of her tattoos and consequently their decisions on whether or not they should attempt to keep her alive. Despite this dark subject matter, the story is stacked with humor. Our narrator has nicknames for all the staff like “Beardie” and “Whoopi Goldberg.” In seven pages, you get a caboodle of horror, comedy, romance, and tragedy. The only thing you could ask for is some artwork in this basic black text on a white paper zine.­ –Rick V. (Aisling Fae, transfaerie.com)