Aug 01, 2019

Crass-style lettering and all black and white artwork on a band’s packaging is usually a dead giveaway that you’re either in for some d-beat or crust. Such was not the case with Czerwone Świnie. I’m hearing bits and pieces of everything from punk, metal, post-punk, and melodic punk all with commandeering female vocals. Everything on this disc is in Polish and it might have something to do with the band being from Warsaw. Joking aside, the artwork definitely projects an anti-authority stance so while I can’t read exactly what they’re saying I am more than certain that their politics align themselves within the punk realm. Recommended for fans of everything from Naked Aggression, Signal Lost, and From Ashes Rise. Hell, maybe even Tilt fans ears will perk up. –Juan Espinosa (Antena Krzyku,